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Gobal ATM Solutions offers reliable, efficient, and cost-effective phone and internet solutions to large and medium-sized businesses. 

SIP Trunking
A direct IP connection between your PBX and Gobal ATM Solutions premium SoftSwitch cluster. By allowing you to tap into unused bandwidth on your existing internet connection, you will save costs by converging your local, long-distance and broadband internet services onto a single circuit. In addition, you may obtain local numbers for remote locations. 

Receive unlimited local and inbound calls for a low monthly rate. Long-distance and international per minute charges are much lower than traditional PRI or POTS service. Best for organizations with multiple locations, or who want flexibility in growth. 

PRI Service
A high-capacity digital connection between you and one of Gobal ATM Solutions wholesale carriers. Allows up to 23 simultaneous calls. Best for medium to large organizations. 

“Virtual POTS” Service
A traditional analog phone connection. Best for small to medium organizations. 

Hosted VoIP
Hosting services for your PBX at our secure data center. Gives you all the benefits of SIP trunking without the need for capital investment in a PBX. Best for growing organizations with limited IT resources who do not want to invest in their own PBX, or for organizations with multiple locations or offsite workers. 

Toll-Free Calling
Toll-free numbers are available as a feature for any connection type (SIP, PRI, or virtual POTS). 

Inbound faxes are delivered directly to your email. 

Internet Access
Unlimited internet access with firewall protection, if needed. 

Data Center Hosting
Hosting services for all your data storage needs, featuring generator backup power. Perfect for disaster recovery planning. 

Which Service Is Right for Me?
In order to determine which Gobal ATM Solutions services might be right for you, please refer to the following:

Current Phone Connection  Size/Number of Phones  Best VoIP Service  Additional Features Available  
IP-enabled PBX  Any Size  SIP Trunking  Toll-Free, E-Fax, Internet Access, Data Center Hosting  
non-IP-enabled PBX  Medium to Large (10 phones or more)  Digital PRI Service  Toll-Free, E-Fax, Internet Access, Data Center Hosting non-IP-enabled PBX  Small to Medium (1-10 phones)  “Virtual POTS” Service  Toll-Free, E-Fax, Internet Access, Data Center Hosting hosted PBX or no PBX  Any Size  Hosted VoIP  Toll-Free, E-Fax, Internet Access.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.